Official Statement

Statement from the Berks History Center

As a public cultural institution and Berks County’s official historical society, the Berks History Center is committed to serving the needs of our whole community and to preserving and sharing the diverse cultural heritages of our county.

We want to better understand how we can be of service to those who are facing injustice and those who have been underserved for so long. We are continuing to listen by attending and participating in community town halls and conversations. We are dedicated to learning and are working to provide our team with the education and training they need to combat racism. We are committed to stand against hate.

We know this is just a start and that true change will require long-term, community informed solutions. We stand in solidarity with those calling out injustices and we promise to keep and protect your stories for years to come.  To members of our Black community and to all people of color and ethnicity in our community, we hear you, we see you, and we support you. Your stories deserve to be told and your voices deserve to be heard.

Floyd Turner, BHC Board President