Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

The Berks History Center leads the way in telling the unique story of Berks County and its diverse people,  with the aim of building an inclusive understanding of our impact on national history, strengthening our  community, and inspiring all audiences now and in the future.


Preserve. Educate. Inspire.  

1. Preserve: Preserve the cultural heritage and memories of all past, present and future Berks  Countians in order to tell broad stories that relate to the human experience. 

2. Educate: Foster a collective understanding of Berks County, the individuals and groups who  shaped it, and the impact Berks County has had on local and national history. 

3. Inspire: Nurture curiosity and inspiration through historical discovery to encourage social,  economic and cultural progress of our communities and create change-makers of the future.


Integrity – As stewards of Berks County history, we believe in transparency, authenticity, and  sustainability. We are dedicated to integrity, both in the accuracy of our interpretation as well  as our collections care. We honor our obligation to care for our collections in accordance with  museum and archival best practices and we prioritize financial sustainability for the long term stewardship of our current and future collections and the communities that we serve. 

Connection – People are our number one priority and our community informs the work we do.  We believe that connection makes us stronger. Through collaboration and partnership, we strengthen our impact as well as the community we serve. We are open to sharing resources and ideas with others, fostering meaningful connections to the past and present, and building opportunities to create synergies and dynamic outcomes. 

Discovery – We embrace our passion for learning and are fueled by the magic of discovery. We constantly strive to create unforgettable educational experiences for those of all ages and abilities. 

Innovation and Adaptation – We listen, learn, and innovate; always encouraging feedback and  adapting to the ever changing social and economic landscape around us while continuing to  celebrate the expansive traditions of our past. We know that knowledge is power. As both  learners and educators, our team is fully equipped to educate others while continually growing  knowledge of Berks County history and the methods of sharing it.  

Excellence –The BHC is as enthusiastic about providing world class service to those we serve, as  we are about protecting and preserving the historical legacies entrusted to our care. We believe  that excellence is the result of proactive leadership, creativity, and courageous action.

Accessibility — As a leading cultural institution in our community, we have an unwavering  commitment to accessibility and inclusion of all ages, cultures, and abilities. We hold ourselves accountable to the people that we serve and seek to honor both the past and future  generations in everything we do.