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Join Dave Unger in supporting the Berks History Center

Dave Unger knows the importance of preserving Berks County’s history. In fact, his own family history is preserved here at the Berks History Center. Dave donated several items to the Berks History Center starting in 2006 with memorabilia that belonged to his late uncle, Leonard Stephan. The items, including his uncle’s footlocker, Army uniform, and purple heart, were added to the BHC Museum Collection. Later in 2010, Dave donated Leonard Stephan’s entire collection of photographs and correspondence from his service in WWII. The documents were cataloged in the BHC Research Library and are now available to the general public for research and a better understanding of a WWII through the eyes of a Berks County serviceman. Here is what Dave has to say about his Berks County history at BHC:

“For years I did not know how much his life had influenced mine.  Like my uncle, I became a social studies teacher and taught high school for thirty-five years.  Only when I donated his letters to the Berks History Center several years ago, did I fully understand his life and its connection to mine.  The folks working at the BHC Research Library took these many letters, written between 1941 and 1944, and organized them into a collection.  Included in the collection were pictures and news clippings of his life.  As a result, researchers can now use this collection to better understand the life of a Berks County citizen-soldier in World War II.”