Adopt an Artifact

Want to Bring a Part of Berks County History Back to Life?

Now YOU can make a tremendous gift to the Berks History Center AND Berks County by adopting an artifact today!

(The look feel and style of the whole page can be changed, this is an initial idea of what to include.  We’ll definitely want to change some of the style, fonts, and coloring to make it more appealing than grey and black text)  Content about adopting above, images and at least their name near bottom of page, prices can only be included on the Adoption Form if you feel it might push customers away because of the price)

Short bit about how the adopting artifact process work and why you’re offering this feature to the public.

Fill out and return our Adoption Form here. (Link to adoption form here)  All instructions and details about adopting are included at the top of the form.

If you have any questions regarding artifact adoption, please contact: Joshua Blay (insert contact info)

Check Out What’s Currently Up For Adoption:


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